The Nerveter is a magazine founded by the writer/editor Ian Allison and the designer Kieron Livingstone.

It is a magazine made by funding and donations.

The quality of Nerveter is extraordinary. It is written by well-known artists of different fields who donate his work. Every issue develops a different topic and none of them are small or simple. Always the magazine talks about the human behaviour. This is showed as an implacable strength that drives the society. Evidently this strength, as we all know, it is not a role model.

They have being published eight magazines since 2011, the year when it was founded. Child sexual abuse, addiction, our global system of capital and debt, vagrancy and begging, mental health, the London 2012 Olympics, and alternative methods of employment are the main theme around every article is written. Obviously all of them matters. We can’t avoid our reality and look to another side when some of the booksellers come to us carrying some magazine under their arms. They always come with a nice and cold smile, the clouds in front and the sun behind. Perhaps because I am normally in Broadway market and near to the canal, it is always Autumn in those days.

They walk with their coats as shelves, their hands means wrapping paper and through their voices you start to read stories, lives and anecdotes. They always have something to say and you feel you have met somebody, you have had a chat that day and you met someone.

Some of those afternoons, at Broadway market, it fell into my hands the magazine. The first one was about addictions and the second one about child abuse. You feel the topic to strong and you start to read. It was. You see. They say. And the sound around you, never stop.

We used to buy Nerveter every time we meet the bookshop. Curiously we never go looking for the magazine, it is always the magazine that finds us and we always buy it.

The paper of the magazine is soft and bright, letters and surprising pictures, sometimes shocking, and always a mysterious cover.

Don’t look for shyness, don’t look for lies for your live, just read it and buy it and go back at home walking through the canal with a Red Stripe in your hand. Maybe.